Coffee Chaos

Coming soon to Kickstarter, this 3-8 player party game will have you battling your friends to serve the best teas and coffees while stealing their kit and fooling their customers.


A game about tanks, planes and hovercraft fighting for survival and cannibalising each other's parts to rebuild. As part of Payload Studios, I am a programmer working on TerraTech's multiplayer and mod support.


Flan's Mod

The incredibly popular Minecraft mod that adds guns, planes, cars, tanks, helicopters, a whole apocalypse dimension and lots of multiplayer gamemodes. With a custom content pack system allowing players to pick and choose which content they play with or to create their own, the possibilities are endless.


Shattered Pantheon

The deities of the Pantheon you know have been cast asunder and you must champion a team of lesser known Goddesses to take the seats of power. This 3 player board game pits you in a race to ascend your Goddesses before the other players by gathering followers, collecting relics and thwarting your opponents' plans. Made for Global Game Jam 2020.

Made with Khally Saarman-Jones, John Brazier and Andy Lamont


This LD45 game is a bit different. Beet-Hoven requires players to use their ears to pick out musical notes from tunes being hummed and match them with the songs of singing vegetables.

Made with Lewis Thompson

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For LD41, we made a city-builder crossed with a stealth game. Lizards is all about expanding your underground city without the humans finding you and eventually installing enough lizards (in human skin) on the council that your city is left alone.

Made with Rebecca Dodson and Jon Burr

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HeBe the ScOre Hunter

For LD40, HeBe is the story of a robot gathering parts to build her spaceship while plagued by a horde of tiny crab robots intent on stealing everything they can get their claws on.

Made with Rebecca Dodson and Jon Burr

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Trump's First Day

Made long ago when Trump was about to take office, Trump's First Day is an accurate simulation of his first day in office. You play as Trump's aide, picking up after him, deleting bad tweets and making sure that diplomatic meetings run smoothly, or at least not disastrously.

Made with Lucy Meredith, Rebecca Dodson, Richard Mathers and Jon Burr

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Warm Hearts and Fuzzy Feelings

For LD33, Warm Hearts and Fuzzy Feelings is a game that lets you play the monster, with 2-6 player co-op and 6 different monsters to choose from. Terrorize the town as a vampire, werewolf or even a giant.

Made with John Brazier

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Taking Sides

For LD26, Taking Sides is an fast-paced abstract top-down shooter with upgradeable skills and boss fights, all while being made entirely of regular polygons.

Made with John Brazier

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For LD24, Evidently is a game about evolution. Not about evolving creatures or players or even worlds. No, this is a game about killing archaeologists to stop them collecting evidence for Darwin's theories.

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Build teams of minions to tackle dungeons, unlock more teammates and collect them all! Minimancer released on Steam in 2017 as part of my first foray into the world of indie games.

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About Me

I'm Flan, an all-round game developer with both video game and board game projects on the go. For 3 days each week, I am a programmer on TerraTech, implementing mod support and other fun things. On Mondays and Thursdays, I retreat to my dev loft and put my mind to all of the many exciting things listed above! I'll be streaming on Thursdays 5pm GMT on Twitch.